Safety of online resume writing servicesYes and No.

When deciding whether to have your resume written by a professional or do it yourself, there are many factors to consider. There are reputable resume writing services out there that are very good at what they do. They are just like any other professional service. Many of them are there to serve the needs of their clients and uphold their business name, while others are out to make easy money by scamming people. If you have any hint that a resume service in not certified and reputable, RUN! You do not want to put your money and your resume in the hands of someone who is not ultimately there to serve you and your best interests.

How Do I Tell?

Look at things like testimonials, customer reviews, professional review sites, blogs and sample resumes from the service you are considering. These will tell you whether or not the service is reputable and reliable. Don’t rely only on what the service’s website tells you, as this could be manufactured. There are also several different organizations that certify resume writers. You can check on the website or through an email inquiry if the service you are considering is certified by any or all of these organizations.

  1. CERW: Certified Expert Resume Writer
  2. NCRW: Nationally Certified Resume Writer
  3. MRW: Master Resume Writer
  4. CPRW: Certified Professional Resume Writer

Why Professional Services?

A professional resume writing service could be the best thing that ever happens to your career. So many qualified job applicants don’t get hired because their resumes are out of date, too difficult to read or understand, or are formatted in a way that is not appealing to the reader. All they need is a little help from the professionals. These people do this for a living, and it is what they love to do. Just like any other job-holder, they need to make a living and this is their calling. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional resume writer. Most executive resumes are actually written by professionals as a general rule. There is just too much expertise involved to go it alone when it comes to writing a resume. With so much content, and very often only one to a few pages to fit it on, you want to make sure that you are making the most of that valuable paper real estate. You just keep doing what you do best, and let the professionals handle your resume, and do what they do best.