is one of the world largest resume, employment, career management and outplacement service. Reviews of show that it has resume writing experience of more than 30 years and assisted millions of job seekers to change or advance their careers.

Bakos Group has vast resources for resume writing and a full range of career employment/career management tools and support. review shows that it acts as a partner and career advocate to jobseekers. It specializes in designing innovative marketing strategies using talent management and job search system to ensure that job seekers land interviews and desired jobs.

Bakos Group creates resumes that are designed to get job jobs faster and easily using a packaging methodology that maximizes marketability. Writers create powerful and dynamic resumes that make job seekers to standout from the rest and withstand the fierce competition in the employment market. Discount and Special Packs

Bakos Group strives to maintain low resume writing prices each month.  It further makes the price affordable by providing a 20% discount off the published price.  Customers can also get free resume writing service if Bakos receives a fee relating to their job placement from an employer, partner or recruiter.

Bakos Group is committed to delivering personalized service and therefore offers unlimited revisions until the customers are fully satisfied.  Customers who fail to get jobs after submitting their resumes cannot complain of rip-off as they are allowed to ask for a free rewrite.  Unlike many resume writing services, Bakos does not limit the time within which job seekers who fail to get jobs can ask for a free rewrite. Reviews Found Online

Best resume writing services point out that Bakos completes customized resumes according to requirements of the customers and the position that they intend to apply for. It also offers referral service where inquiring recruiters and employers are referred to the jobseeker and assisted to access a database with personal web page.

Apart from providing resume writing services, Bakos offers customers who order for resume writing service 5 days after evaluation of their resumes some 25 ResumeNetCards. NETcards are like business cards but they work like resumes.  Job seekers can use their personalized NETcards when networking for jobs. Recommendation

Resume writing services reviews disclose that is a commendable service to jobseekers as it has helped many to gain jobs.  It writes personalized resumes and does not outsource this service to reduce any chances of scam that may occur if clients get poorly written documents.

Bakos referral service is a helpful way of networking for job.  Bakos group keeps the details of its customers confidential to prevent fraud.

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