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LinkedIn profiles enable professionals and companies to connect and be found easily on the web. LinkedIn profiles should be well written in order to attract and increase connections. It helps to assign the task of creating a profile to a writing service. The best LinkedIn profile writing services are:


LinkedIn Profile Writer is experienced in all aspects of LinkedIn. It is helps clients with LinkedIn profile view, profile widget or both LinkedIn private and public profile.  It also creates LinkedIn public profile URL or LinkedIn profile link.

LinkedInProfileWriter.org has experienced professionals who have vast knowledge to deal with all kinds of LinkedIn profiles. These professionals are knowledgeable on how to help their clients achieve anything. As was mentioned in LinkedInProfileWriter.org reviews, this LinkedIn service serves clients 24/7.  Its prices start at $107.99 for individual LinkedIn profile and $134.99 for company LinkedIn profile. Clients get a 10% discount and free profile critique.


Linkedin-makeover.com operated by Donna Serdula is in the business of helping people to writer impressive LinkedIn profiles. It creates appealing profiles in just 5-10 business days. Linkedin-makeover.com LinkedIn profiles portray people as polished professionals who deserve to be noticed. Clients have a choice of these services:

  • Plus Service (Costs $300.Clients fill a questionnaire and send it with a resume  then wait for their LinkedIn profiles to be completed in 5-10 days.)
  • Deluxe service (This costs $500 with clients getting consultative meetings on how to create strong presence for job search or networking with branding specialists who use information to create comprehensive marketable profiles.)
  • Platinum Service (At $1500 platinum service is suits executives who require customized and optimized LinkedIn profiles that brand them as successful. Clients get keys on how to use LinkedIn as a business tool, 30 days of phone mentoring and access to a library with videos links and eBooks on how to get the most out of LinkedIn.)


Blueskyresumes.com that was established in 2002 creates professional resumes and LinkedIn profiles at $399. Its professionals craft profiles that make the customers to be found easily. Blueskyresumes.com also offers customers a comprehensive guide to LinkedIn and how to promote themselves on the site.


Theessayexpert.com creates powerful job search and marketing content for individuals and companies. It offers these LinkedIn services:

  • Summary statement
  • Training and profile construction
  • Network and business strategy

Its main aim is to transform good LinkedIn profiles to greater ones.


An expertresume.com is run by Laura Smith-Proulx a certified   LinkedIn profile expert, executive resume writer and former recruiter. She creates keyword specific SEO optimized LinkedIn profiles that generate interest and make them findable even when they are asleep. Clients can order for a stand alone LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn profile resume or LinkedIn & Networking Resume.

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