Resumes help job seekers to get interviews or jobs call ups if they reach destined employers. The best resume distribution services 2013 help job seekers distribute their documents within short time without much hassle. The top resume distributors are: posts resumes to up to 85 career websites visited by up to 1.5 million recruiters and employers each day within the 72 hours at $59.95 for one time posting. Resume Rabbit is approved by VeriSign and Better Business Bureau which helps web users to find trustworthy and reliable businesses online.

Resume Rabbit provides clients access to their personalized resume promotion center for them to check if their resumes are posted. If the distribution is not done as promised, clients are entitled to full refund.

Resume Zapper helps clients in their job search by emailing their resumes to thousands of top recruiters. Just like the best resume services, has a proven track record having been in business since 1998.  It has more than 10,000 retained and contingency search firms as members with 1,100 of them doing international placements. Resume Zapper charges $49.99 for resume emailing to over 1000 recruiters. Clients can pay an extra $10 for confidential email box and keep their identity private. distributes resumes for job seekers searching for jobs in United States. It posts resumes to more than 90 career sites. It also sends resumes and cover letters by email to thousands of executive recruiters and prospective employers. Great Resume Fast matches the clients with HR personnel and recruiters who specialize in their industry. All deliveries are customized according to needs of clients who are then sent a list of firms that received their resumes. was established in 2005 by individuals with experience in offline and online recruiting. It understands that there are many individuals with great resumes from best resume services but are not aware of jobs that are not advertised on traditional channels.

Resume Arrow gets their resumes to thousands of employers and recruiters’ inboxes instantly. Job seekers can sign up and submit resumes to database free or pay $49 one time fee for their resumes to be sent directly to matching recruiters via email. which has more than 3.9 million employers in its database distributes resumes by fax. Resumes sent by fax have higher chances of getting reviewed and it looks like it has been requested hence even a secretary will put it on decision maker’s desk. Jobs By Fax evaluates resumes that fail to generate interview calls or employment within 30 days free then helps the owners to choose new employers equal to the number in original order and faxes them at half the original price.

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Best Resume Distribution Services 20137ratecR8xuf02013-03-13 18:37:46Resumes help job seekers to get interviews or jobs call ups if they reach destined employers. The best resume distribution services 2013 help job seek…