Best Resume Writing and Personal Branding ServicesAre you about to start your own business? Do you want your name to be on everyone’s lips? Or do you want employers know about your high professionalism and expertise, so that recruiters send you proposals themselves? If you’ve answered positive one of the questions above, your way out is personal branding!

Personal branding is a new way for job-seekers to make oneself known to the world. The process includes creating LinkedIn profile, Visual CV, personal Website, and other promotion on social websites and web resources. The goal is to be in the public eye and be known in professional circles and industry specific associations. Several resume writing services have already experience in creating personal brands, though this trend in job-hunting is quite new. We attempted to figure out what services can offer really quality and effective personal branding. Here are our conclusions: a list of the best resume writing services that can create your outstanding personal brand:

  • Persona Affairs (

With Persona Affairs you’ll be confident in your polished social profile: your LinkedIn profile will be integrated with a branded resume and Persona Affairs will be your mentor in contact directory engagement, solicit group membership, monitor and facilitate message board discussions; in addition to your Facebook profile you’ll have a Fan Page, Constant Contact Email Marketing Integration and monitor of content; and even Twitter profile will be configured: Persona Affairs will mentor you on personal brand development and online presence strategies by researching industry topics, and posting fluid content to create interest and robust engagement.

  • Executive Power Brand (

Deb Dib provides only exclusive service and her targeted clientele is represented by C-suite players, senior- to very-senior executives, rising stars, and entrepreneurs. But you can be sure that you’ll receive only VIP personal attention, and work on your order will be entirely personalized to your particular objectives, with flexible timelines and deliverables matched to your availability and changing needs.

  • Executive Career Brand (

Executive Career Brand is more than executive resume writing service. Designed by Reach Personal Branding founder and branding guru William Arruda, Executive Career Brand offers absolutely unique assistance: “360° Reach Personal Brand Assessment, Positing and Development” – the world’s first and leading confidential, web-based personal branding assessment that collects anonymous 360-degree feedback in real time from family, friends, peers, managers, staff, employees, clients, and mentors.