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Best Resume and KSA Writing ServicesMaybe the first and the most important discretion in federal application process that distinguishes it from the ordinary job application is a KSA Supplemental Application. Federal hiring agencies have their own special requirements to job-seekers, which are stated in a form of a question list about candidate’s Knowledge, Skills and Abilities necessary for concrete job opening. KSA can be regarded as a federal cover letter, but it’s more targeted, relevant and is restricted by application questions. Thereto KSA is the first selection criteria for employer: it helps to define from the other candidates the most qualified and experienced ones and to select those, who will pass to the nest step of the hiring process. Taking into account the crucial importance of the perfectly written KSA, a federal job applicant can entrust this assignment only to proved resume writing services. We conducted research among all federal resume writing services and determined only those with experience in KSA writing. Here are our results in a list of the best resume writing services.

Best KSA Writing Services

KSA Services ( is one of progressive government resume writing services, which offer professional assistance to all USAjobs applicants. This Company offers everything needed for successful application: federal resume writing and editing services, KSA answers and even LinkedIn profile development. Prices are also very affordable: one KSA response will cost you as low as $47.99.

Federal Job Resume (

One of the oldest resume writing services which was created in aim to help federal job-seekers to achieve their professional ambitions. Federal Job Resume is the only careers industry company to have achieved and employ ISO 9001:2008 certification: this high standard is proved by their 99.6% customer satisfaction ratio. After filling their contact form, you’ll receive a price quote and professional career coacher will contact you via email or telephone within 24 hours to discuss your goals and further actions.

KSA Doctor (

At the experts in KSA, KSAO (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics) and ECQ (Executive Core Qualifications) writing will ask you to provide them with your resume, the job posting, and the KSA statements – within few days you’ll feast your eyes upon perfect KSA response that will make your candidacy stand out. In addition to KSA writing, you can order crafting your federal resume or writing narrative statements: everything will be written professionally, promptly and absolutely tailored.

Federal Resume Experts (

Industry’s leading provider of federal resumes and KSA writing for USAJOBS, which employs certified expert federal resume writers, federal resume editors/KSA writers and federal job search expert consultants, has decades of experience in KSA writing. Special offer for KSA purchasers: Lifetime KSA and Questionnaire Service! That means you will never write KSAs or Questionnaires again!

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