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Best cheap resume writing services

Resume writing services can be terribly expensive. You could spend as much as $400 on a resume alone, maybe even more. Typically, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the resume due to experience and certification of the writers. But it does not have to be that way. As a rule of thumb, you should not drop below $100, but some sites have figured out how to provide high quality for even lower prices. There are affordable resume writing services out there that will give you quality resumes for your money. And remember, most professional resume writing services are tax deductible! See below a list of the best and cheapest resume writing services in our opinion.

List of Top Cheap Resume Writing Services


Cheap Resume Writing Services is one of the most affordable and yet very effective resume companies. For as low as $44.99 you will get an Entry resume written by professional writer and paying $79.99 you will get the full pack including resume, cover letter and follow up. This inexpensive resume service offers rush turnaround within 24 hours as well as 100% money back guarantee.


The name says it all here. The average customer of Cheap Resume Writing Service spends approximately $49.95 for a resume that is constructed by a certified professional resume writer. They also have a great turnaround rate of one day and before the expert starts working on the resume itself, you will get a call from the writer to clarify all details.


This service offers professional resume makeover (note: not full resume rewriting) for as low as $39. But their resume prices are unmatched by almost anyone else on the web. The whole process usually takes not more than 5 business days and clients receive their perfect resumes via email.


Resumes Planet is another very reputable resume writing service. is known for the free features that come with each order. They include interview tips, a list of the top ten job search sites, a list of international recruiting agencies and revisions to your resume within 30 days of purchase. An entry level resume from Resumes Planet costs only $69.95 for 5 day delivery. Pretty impressive considering what you get.


For $71.99 at Resume Writing Service, you can get an entry level resume, a cover letter and an interview coaching session. This package deal price is absolutely unheard of! And to top it off, Resume Writing Service is one of the most positively recognized services on the web!


The thing that makes 1-on-1 Resumes so appealing to customers is the guarantee. They guarantee with every purchase that you will get an interview or your money back. $89.95 gets you a resume, additional information sheets and the famous 1-on-1 guarantee.


$90.00 with Red Star Resume will get you CV and resume writing services. You can also purchase other services from them additionally to increase your chances. Red Star Resume is known for their high quality resumes. You know when you order from them that you are getting the best of the best for your money.


University Language mainly focuses of student resumes (both undergraduate and graduate level) to get them accepted into their school of choice. You can purchase other helpful services from them as well, the most popular of which are cover letters and interview coaching. $98.99 will get you a resume with a guarantee of 7 days of free revisions.


Resumes Guaranteed is one of the most reputable sites for resume writing services, yet is still one of the most affordable. They have managed to keep quality and affordability side by side, something that most other companies have failed at. Usually you have to compromise one or the other, but not here. All resumes start at the base price of $99.95 with an additional $19-$39 for high levels of qualifications. This means that the most you will pay for a top notch executive resume from Resumes Guaranteed is $138.95. This quality of executive resume could cost $400-$500 elsewhere.

Professional resume writing can be affordable! Choose one of these top cheap resume writers!

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