ReviewFree-Resume-Tips is one of the top resume writing services under Regina Pontow an author of resumes and books about resumes and job seeking. Regina has been providing resume writing services online since 1997.

However, she began engaging herself with resume writing since 1985 but this time she was meeting her clients in person. Regina has been a trainer at various resume workshops and trained many resume writers. The long experience assures clients of the best resume writing services when they place their orders.

Regina writes resumes that create a positive impact in the skills and confidence of the clients. She writes strong resumes that enable the clients to not only get job interviews but also land them jobs that earn them high salaries. Reviews of resume writing services point out those Free-Resume-Tips also benefits from Regina’s love for marketing after studying advertising as she creates content that sells and enables her clients to standout from hundreds or thousands of resumes.

Regina asks specific questions from the clients in an effort to obtain key data. This helps to elevate resumes in terms of self image and confidence. review point out that this is done to avoid burying important statements that would improve the quality of a resume in uninteresting statements.

Free-Resume-Tips reviews explain that it charges its prices according the income level of the position that an applicant is interest in. A resume for a salary scale of $20,000 to $59,000 costs $150. Resumes for jobs with income range of more than $60,000 have a price of $250. This price applies for resumes with 4-5 job listings.

Those who need resumes for more job listing pay extra although the rates are placed within range of affordable resume writing services. The price applies to the customers who have over 4-5 jobs listed on their resumes.

Free-Resume-Tips is one of the reliable resume writing services as it allows the clients to recommend changes on their resumes. Resume writing services reviews disclose that Free-Resume-Tips schedules resume writing in terms of the time that they were ordered.

There are no resumes that are put aside so as to accommodate the requirements of clients who ask for urgent orders even if they are ready to pay additional fee. Review of Free-Resume-Tips divulge that a demand for urgent order is only accepted if it will not interfere with orders by other clients. There are no complaints of Free-Resume-Tips fraud or Free-Resume-Tips scam but its website is hard to navigate as it is lumped with too much information

Overall Rating Review7ratecR8xuf3.33333333333333352012-12-13 13:05:11  Free-Resume-Tips is one of the top resume writing services under Regina Pontow an author of resumes and books about resumes and job seeking….