There are many writing services online and all claim to offer best resume services. It is important to carefully evaluate several resume services before you settle on one of them. The evaluation helps you to make an informed decision. Most people use price as the gauging factor.  Resume writing takes skills and experience hence a good service should charge a price that competitively compares to market prices.

A service that charges very low prices may not have well qualified writers in its team. A service that charges extremely high prices for ordinary services could be ripping off the clients. However, price is not the only deciding factor about the performance of a writing service. The other important factors are:

Marketing Strategy

A professional writing service should have an effective and current marketing strategy. It should portray itself positively beginning with the website. A reliable writing service should have an updated and well maintained website that not only conveys its brand well but also easy to navigate.

A resume should be in tune with latest trends and a writing service should also reciprocate this. A good resume service keeps up with latest hiring trends by using modern technology.  You can judge whether a writing service has embraced modern ways by checking it social media presence such as having a Twitter account, Facebook or Linked In page.


A resume writing service can only be among the best resume services if it is certified and it assigns writing orders to certified writers. The best resume services usually hire writers with a background in HR or those with much experience in crafting resumes that meet the requirements of different career fields.

You can gauge the performance of both the writing service and the writers by going through samples of resumes completed in the past. Look whether the resume samples have different structures and wording because if they are similar, they could have been generated using a template. A good writing service should have a user friendly resume writing process.


A resume service that is confident about the quality of its services should offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Good resume services usually offer free revisions if a resume falls short of requirements until the client is satisfied. Some of the services also guarantee their clients of an interview within a certain period or a free rewrite if they do not achieve the feat. The other guarantees offered by best resume services are confidentiality and money back guarantee if the service is below par.

Overall Rating
How to Choose the Best Resume Service 20137ratecR8xuf02013-03-13 18:43:45There are many writing services online and all claim to offer best resume services. It is important to carefully evaluate several resume services befo…