KatieRoberts.com.au ReviewKatieRoberts.com.au is one of the top resume writing services after serving customers since 2002. This is an organisation that has provided career consultation to more than 10, 000 individuals and firms in Australia and other parts of the world. Reviews of resume writing services reveal that KatieRoberts.com.au offers various career related services. This includes resume writing, outplacement services, interview coaching career and counseling. It also organizes workshops on career development and team building.

KatieRoberts.com.au hires qualified experts to provide the best resume writing services. These career experts have extensive knowledge in various industries and even provide their opinions on television stations and publications. Resume writing services reviews explain that KatieRoberts.com.au is a flexible service as it can serve clients by communicating with them through phone, email or in person. KatieRoberts.com.au offers professional resume writing services that are designed for individuals who want to attract the attention of potential employers.

Review of Katie Roberts explains that it selectively picks resume writers from across the country. The professional writers have extensive experience in resume and cover letter preparation. They are also familiar with selection responses for both private and public sectors. KatieRoberts.com.au review divulges that resume writers in its team are very knowledgeable about the job market and work to ensure that the clients get the best outcome out of their resumes.

KatieRoberts.com.au has success fully prepared thousands of resumes for clients in Melbourne, Sydney and other locations across Australia. Katie Roberts Australia reviews divulge that it also prepares resumes for use in specific countries for clients who are searching for international jobs or those who stay outside Australia.

In order to offer affordable resume writing services, KatieRoberts.com.au pegs its prices on and method of consultation and resume packages namely:

Entry level

An entry level resume for students and tafe or university graduates with experience of up to 12 months. Phone/email consultation prices is $250 and $350 after personal consultation.

Reviews of katieRoberts.com.au disclose price after phone/email consultation costs $350 and $450 after personal consultation. This package is for clients with more than 12 months experience applying for middle management level jobs.

Executive package

This package is for senior management and executive positions. The price is $450 for email/phone consultation and $550 for personal consultation.

KatieRoberts.com.au has a fast resume of turnaround of 3-5 days. Those who need resumes sooner can request for express service but at an additional cost. KatieRoberts.com.au writes professional resumes that meet the requirements of the jobs that the clients are looking for. There are no complaints of KatieRoberts.com.au scam or KatieRoberts.com.au fraud. KatieRoberts.com.au downside is that it allows only 2 revision requests.

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