Useful Resume Writing Links

If you are writing a resume on your own, check these useful links chosen by our team of experts. We picked only the most informative and effective resources and blogs written by professional resume writers:

  1. Quintessential Careers – one of the oldest online resume writing advisers. You will find detailed guidelines on job search, resume/CV writing, career planning, job interviewing and salary negotiation here.
  2. Purdue Online Writing Lab – a great resume writing guide for all resume writers at all levels: from freshmen to upper management. Detailed instructions and samples will help you to craft a resume from scratch.
  3. Monster Career Advice – comprehensive guide on career development. Monster experts provide you with advice on resume/cover letter writing, job interviews and salary negotiations.
  4. CV Tips – the biggest online portal on CV writing. You will have a chance to read tips, discuss your problems on forum and ask for professional advice from experts.
  5. My Resume Online – perfect resource for those job-seekers who want to craft a new resume fast. You will find many interesting resume writing tips and a free resume builder here.
  6. Resume-Resource – collection of resume, CV and cover letter samples for all industries.
  7. Aol Jobs – a large portal for all job-seekers with a number of useful resources: job search, resume builder, resume writing guide, information about interview, salary statistics and resume writing blog.
  8. WorkBloom – tips on job search, professional networking, resume writing and job interviewing.
  9. Susan Ireland’s Resume Site – personal resume writing blog with tons of useful tips and samples. You may also leave your comment and ask for professional help here.
  10. Resume Help – a great resume writing service for all job seekers that offers all kinds of resume/CV writing help.
  11. About Job Search – tons of useful tips for all job-seekers at all levels.
  12. Canadian Guide on Resume Writing – if you are applying for a job in Canada, you won’t find a better source with resume writing tips.
  13. Visual CV – create your CV online and get ready to new interviews.
  14. Writing a Resume – Portland University explains main parts of successful resume.
  15. How to Write a Cover Letter – great resource on how to write a cover letter for any position.
  16. Resume Writing Service – professional custom resume writing service that offers very attractive packages.
  17. How to Make a Resume – simple guide on how to make a resume with great samples.
  18. Undergraduate Resume Writing – very detailed guide on resume writing from the University of Pennsylvania. You will also find a list of action verbs and samples here.
  19. Federal Resume Writing Tips – a comprehensive guide for all federal job seekers.
  20. Resume/Cover Letter Quick Tips – what differentiates good resume and cover letter.
  21. Federal Resume Tips – Myths and Facts of federal resume and KSA writing.
  22. Resume Writing Service Tips – fresh resume writing tips about all aspects of job-search.
  23. Kellogg Resume Writing Service – special resume writing service for students established by the Kellogg school of management.
  24. Office of Career Development – great resume and career tips not only for students.
  25. HR Future – journal about career, employment and Human Resource Management.
  26. Resume and Cover Letter Blog – posts on various resume writing topics with brief guidelines.
  27. How to Land a Job – a guide on resume writing, job search and job interview.
  28. Resume 2015 – check how a resume in 2013 should look like and ask for professional help.
  29. CV Maker – build your new CV online and choose the format you would need for job search.
  30. InDeed – powerful resume and job search with very easy navigation.
  31. CV Creator – now you can create professional CV online, just choose the template you like the best.
  32. General Resume Rules – make sure that your resume is written in appropriate format: review a resume checklist.
  33. RN Resume – specialized resume writing service for nurses.
  34. Essential Parts of a Resume – with quick guide you’ll have a chance to check your resume.
  35. How to Write a Resume – detailed step-by-step guidelines how to write a resume.
  36. CV Writing Tips – CV tips from Engineering Career Assistance Center.
  37. How to Write a Qualification Summary for Your Resume – definition and guidelines on qualification summary writing.
  38. Resume Writing Guide – full instruction on resume writing.
  39. Sales Resume Writing – professional sales resume writing service with very affordable prices.
  40. Top 10 Resume Mistakes – interesting post about the mistakes you should avoid in your resume.
  41. Resume Writing Posts – blog about professional resume writing.
  42. Fullerton College Workforce Center – career advice for students: professional job search, helpful tips and many more.
  43. Writing a Legal Resume – simple tips on how to write a perfect legal resume.
  44. Creating a Resume – guidelines from the Duke law school on how to write a perfect resume.
  45. Creating the Perfect Resume – a helpful guide on how to create an outstanding resume.
  46. Resume Distribution Services – a great service that offers you several resume distribution options.
  47. Courses in Writing and Communication – list of various writing and communication courses.
  48. How to Write Resumes – a great guide with several downloadable samples that will help you to choose the best resume format.
  49. A Student’s Guide to Writing a Resume – a great guide for students on how to create a perfect resume.
  50. Resume Formats – best resume formats for everyone.
  51. Career Resource – a helpful guide with lots of tips for your successful career development.
  52. Careers – everything about career and employment.
  53. Free Downloadable Resume Templates – a great collection of various resume templates available for free download.
  54. Writing and Communication Courses – amazing courses for everyone who would like to develop writing skills.
  55. Office Resources for Resume Building – great resource for writing a resume on your own.
  56. LI Profile Writer – professional LinkedIn profile writing services.
  57. Open Colleges Group – excellent resource and guide on available college courses online.
  58. Ultimate Guide to Writing Cover Letters – a list of useful resources on cover letter writing.
  59. Free Resume Templates – list of great resume templates job seekers may use online to build beautiful resumes.

Best Resume Writing Services wish you only successful job search!

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