There were 4 quite impressive reviews found before we tried the service ourselves. Turns out the reviews you will find on Yelp, Facebook and two quite popular blogs are not lying… After trying the service, you wil position as the best help a job seeker may need! Let’s see what they have and what most of other services do not provide. Writers Team

The most important part of the service – the writers. All the services claim they contract or employ only certified writers who have wide experience with the resume writing industry. You will face that numerous times- when it comes to the resume writing itself purchased from some tiny resume writing service, some unknown person starts communicating with you in broken English and with a very weak understanding of your job experience, of the position you are now looking for, and how badly you need this job RIGHT NOW. At Real Resume Help the writers are real. They introduce themselves with the real name that you can google afterwards. And you come to know how your resume writer looks like, what he or she does, how qualified he or she is. These are all important points when you trust someone writing your resume, right? Real Resume Help employs REAL people with REAL experience as described! Client Support

Real Resume Help customer support is also REAL. Toll-free number (indicated on every page of the site and in the site’s header);  e-mail customer support replied promptly: 1st request within 12 minutes; second request within 89 minutes; live chat support, available in the morning and at 2 pm EST. The only concern is that the support agents on the chat are definitely not American, as their language is not 100% correct at times. This probably just means the online live chat support is outsourced to an offshore company. And who really minds if the live chat guy doesn’t speak perfect American English? The most important thing is that the resume writers are from the US and have all the certificates and education essential to assure your resume is its absolute best? Reviews and Testimonials

A sales team that listens. It will be a big surprise not receiving any kind of spam from the real resume writers team. They do not up-sell you the online resume builder. No offer you to write your resume in 16 different formats. The writer listens to you, advises you what he thinks would give you the best value, and contracts the service YOU choose. That’s it.

So there are no surprise why there are so many positive reviews of on the website: clients are happy with the final outcome and some of them return for additional writing tasks, not only resume. Here is one of the feedbacks left by the client: Testimonials

You will like the service. With a 100% money back guarantee there’s nothing to lose. Real Resume Writers do, in fact have a 100% money back guarantee and even more. Here is the full list:

  • full condidentiality
  • timely delivery
  • full satisfaction

Seems this service has huge chances to get more and more positive testimonials published on their website soon.

Overall Rating Review7ratecR8xuf52017-09-11 13:56:38 There were 4 quite impressive reviews found before we tried the service ourselves. Turns out the reviews you will find on Yelp,…