resume distribution serviceA new service in HR industry is resume distribution service that can help resume writers to send their resumes to as many positions as one can’t even imagine. Despite the short history of such services, it has already found lots of clients, who believe that they found an efficient way how to save their time in job search and resume writing.

First of all, let’s look what alternatives a job-hunter has and how resume distributing service works. There are two types of distributing sites: the one which is oriented only on resume distribution and works for a fee ($30-50) and resume writing services providing resume distribution as additional service to your resume or CV writing (that may be even for free). When you choose free resume distribution service, you may lose in the quality of such delivery: your resume will be sent to the vacancies that aren’t even related to your field of activity. Such resumes, as usual, aren’t accompanied with a covering letter and don’t compel employer’s attention, because a lot of resumes are delivered in one moment. But such variant can be good beginning for graduates and freshmen, who just need any kind of job, or for job-hunters, who are applying for positions as messengers, secretaries or translators: such people are needed in almost every company.

If you want your resume delivered only to the potential employers in your field, give your preference to professional resume distribution services or so-called target distribution service.

Here is a list of the most popular resume distribution services:

  • Resume Spider ($39.95) Building a targeted network is their unique approach!
  • myResumeAgent ($47.95) Sending your resume only to recruiters that specialize in your field!
  • JobsByFax ($29.95) Providing you with a guarantee that 10+ employers will call you within 72 hours!
  • EmailMyResume ($49.95) Giving you a complete list of recipients with service!
  • Resume Arrow ($49) Resume distribution only to employers in your industry!

Such distribution machines can be unsuitable for some job-seekers, so look through other opportunities to make yourself known:

  • Make a job-search yourself. Method of job-sites’ and newspapers’ viewing takes a lot of time, but guarantees you are applying for a position that meets your requirements.
  • Use services of job recruiters. Professionals in narrow fields work ahead other job-seekers. They often know about unadvertised positions and get information about new vacancies earlier.
  • Post your resume. Job boards can be useful as a way to secure yourself instead of resume distribution. Specialized in different industries sites can be much more effective, than universal job sites.
  • Attend job fairs. Visit job fairs with copies of your resume. At such events you can face with a recruiter, find out more about company and its open vacancies and also ask interesting for you questions.

Think carefully and decide what way of resume distribution is right for you: you really have variants to choose from. You can also combine 2-3 of them: that will be definitely more effective! And believe in yourself: there is enough work for everybody and your dream job is waiting somewhere for you!