Online reviews show that it experienced writing services that has operated since 2001. It was formed by Roland Coombes a leading business manager and search consultant within recruitment industry with portfolio including top employers such as Ford, Cisco, TNT and Westfield among others.

The experience that Roland has makes Resume-Solutions to become a formidable force in both resume and CV market. Reviews of disclose that it believes in quality, professionalism and results. Its main insight is to write resumes that meet recruitment requirements. Resume-Solutions quality resume writing services have enabled it to win numerous awards in Australia, UK and US. aim is to provide the best resume writing services focusing on professional and executive positions.  It is dedicated to meet and surpass benchmarks in resume writing industry in terms of customer satisfaction.  Although the market success rate is 96.8% Resume-Solutions has managed to surpass that and reach 98%. Discounts and Special Packs

Resume-Solutions will write these types of resumes:

  • Entry and general support resumes for individuals targeting certain career opportunities. Prices begin at $195.
  • Experienced professional to management resumes for job seekers who want to prove they are the right choice for a position. Prices range between $245 and $380.
  • Management to Executive and Board level resumes showcasing style and competencies to tackle challenges. Prices range between $340 and $440.

Although there is no provision for clients get a free quote before placing their orders. Resumes are authored by leading consultants with deep understanding of the job market thus there are no instances of rip-off. Resume-Solutions consultants create competency based resumes that highlight the achievements of their clients and also extra things that will add value to their employers. Reviews Found Online

Resume-Solutions continuously re-invent resume writing techniques to meet employer requirements and provide returns to customers. It also reviews the latest job market developments and fine tunes the resume writing services to help clients gain an edge in the job market edge. writes resumes that put its customers at top 5% of employment market, increase their career choices, revenue capabilities and chances of securing key jobs.  Job seekers can approach for various categories of resumes.  However, resume content matches individual needs. Recommendations rip-off is a commendable writing service as resume writing services reviews show that its consultants understand the job market requirements in Australia and beyond. They complete resumes that highlight the qualifications and other valuable qualities possessed by job seekers. It is a trustworthy service as there are no complaints about fraud or scam.

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