Entry Level Resume WritingWriting a resume for the first time can be an uneasy thing because in spite of great quantity of tips on resume writing and different samples in the web, it’s hard to decide what to start and sometimes you may need a piece of advice concerning personal details. One of the best and trouble-free ways out can be applying to resume writing services, which will create personally for you in a quite short period of time an outstanding resume. Further, you can use it, just adding new sections and editing accordingly to the new vacancy.

Let’s look through the most popular resume writing services:

  • ResumeWritingService (http://www.resumewritingservice.biz/services/resume-writing/entry-level-resume-writing/)

You get a chance to get your entry level resume for $107.95 with free interview tips, free 30-days revision, career advice, top recruiting agencies list and top 10 job sites list. Although a great teen resume pack (1st resume + Cover Letter + mini interview coaching session) for only $89.99.

  • GrandResume (http://grandresume.com/entry)

GrandResume will create an entry level resume for $74.95 providing you with 30-day guarantee. If you don’t receive any offers for an interview within this period, they will rewrite it free of charge – good reason to apply to this website.

  • A vital career management (http://www.avitacareermanagement.com)

In the price of resume – $169.00 interview and career coaching session are included.

  • Resume Writers (http://www.resumewriters.com)

Resume writing service with a 99% client satisfaction rate will create for $169.95 a resume that will make you shine.

  • ResumeEdge (www.resumeedge.com/entrylevelresume/se-ent.html)

This resume writing service with 13-year history offers writing a professional resume for $179.95 in 48-72 hours. The advantage of PesumeEdge is providing keyword optimization, which can be vitally important for those, who look for a job on Internet.

  • CareerPerfect (http://www.careerperfect.com)

For $179.95 you have an opportunity to launch your career with an impressive resume. This service offers entry level resume as well as student resume and is one of the fasters: in 24 hours your resume will be delivered.

  • Great Resumes Fast (http://www.greatresumesfast.com)

Highly credentialed writers will highlight your advantages and reveal shortcomings for $195 with 60-day interview guarantee.

  • The Write Resume (http://www.awriteresume.com/services.htm)

Pay $229 – and you will get a uniquely designed resume with 60-day guarantee. This service has been in the resume writing business for more than 23 years and offers only experienced professionals.

Applying to resume writing services, you save your time and become professionally written resume, but, on the other hand, you spend your money and some people believe that resume is your reflection and should be written only by one’s own. If you’re going to go that way and write a resume by yourself, following web sites will be useful:

  • http://www.money-zine.com/Career-Development/Resume-Writing/Writing-an-Entry-Level-Resume

Excellent website for beginners with detailed resume structure explanation.

  • http://www.free-resume-tips.com/10tips.html

Here you find an explanation and an example of every resume section.

  • http://www.eresumes.com/entry-level-resume.html

Some tips how to make your resume more effective.

Whatever you choose, be confident in your fortune and it will smile upon you!

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