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Resumewritingservice.biz ReviewIt was probably one of those stories you hear sometimes and cannot believe it could happen this way.
The site founded in 2009 was not in our best resume writing services review plans at all. Not because we knew about that resume writing service and we did not want to put any review on it, no. Just because we never heard of them back in 2010 when our resume services reviewing plans were compiled.

The service operates since 2009. When we saw the number of useful content on the site we were really impressed. It is hard to believe this resume writing service is selling something – we got an impression they just feed the community with information they have. There are lots of resume samples, there are multiple tips on how to write the resume or CV, there are explanations on what resume types may be and why they differ. There are even instructions on how to write your first resume, or what jobs students should be comfortable looking for.

Usually when you see a resume writing site like that you think one is doing the business since late 90s. Turned out it is true – when we were on call with their customer support (that actually operates 24×7, nevertheless one of the resume service calls we did was routed to voicemail) explained to us that the whole team is in the industry since 2001, and the content present on the site is partially from those times. Not bad, and probably a good team if they all stick together for that long time!
The number of resume writing and other services they provide also impresses. They have everything the person may need to find a new job – from resume writing to interview coaching, from specially designed packages with not too shabby discount offered to multiple non-package resume services purchase discounts.
We loved it.

The site has English grammar mistakes or weird wording sometimes. Obviously part of the content was written not by the writers who work for them. We checked the writers too. We even found few trusted names who write for them. The names that are quite known in the resume writing world. Not bad staffing, eh?

We went through the resume writing service purchasing process. We got the service in full, with four revisions we asked for done in full. Our resume writer was on call with us every day until we had to confirm the resume we did test with was finally great. We were not easy resume writing customer but they handled it very well at ResumeWritingService.BIZ.

We are that much impressed now that we put them #1 in our rating.
Maybe, a new joker on resume writing business we are looking for now will beat them very soon!

Overall Rating
ResumeWritingService.biz Review7ratecR8xuf52012-03-20 20:57:09It was probably one of those stories you hear sometimes and cannot believe it could happen this way. The site founded in 2009 was not in our best res…