Teacher-Resume-Writing.com ReviewTeacher-Writing-Resume has engaged in resume writing business since 1997. It is one of the top resume writing services run by Regina Pontow. Teacher-resume-writing.com specializes in writing strong interview winning resumes for teachers. Before starting teacher-resume-writing.com, Regina had 3 years experience in writing other kinds of resumes. So far, she has completes more than 15,000 resumes for job seekers and her resume websites have got more than 10,000,000 visitors.

Reviews of Teacher-Resume-Writing.com divulge that the resume consultation and writing process takes 5-8 business days. However, it may at times resume writing maybe completed within shorter time. Reviews of resume writing services show that Teacher-Writing-Resume operates differently from other services by directly going to the existing customers’ resumes and asks specific questions. The answers enable Regina to gauge the unique abilities and skills that the customers possess.

Resume writing services reviews point out that apart from writing resumes, Regina other goal is to teach her customers how to create powerful resumes then position and market themselves during interviews. Review of Teacher-Writing-Resume discloses that the resumes are written with consideration for the requirements of the teacher job ads that the customers intend to respond to. The resume is then developed to highlight the skills that match the specific job ads using powerful sentences and format that creates maximum impact.

Teacher-Writing-Resume.com price arrangement makes it one of the affordable resumes writing services. Prices are set according to income of the job on offer. Prices begin at $150 for clients applying for jobs with income of $20,000 to $59,000. Those applying for jobs with income of $60,000 and above are charged $250. The price applies to the customers who have over 4-5 jobs listed on their resumes. No Teacher-Writing-Resume discount is provided.

In order to provide the best resume writing services, Regina first arranges for a consultation session lasting for 21/2 hours with each of the customers through the internet. She spends the session asking questions that enable her to better understand the client’s abilities and use them to create a powerful resume. Client involvement in resume writing process has turned Teacher-Writing-Resume to one of the reliable resume writing services.

Customers get a review of their resumes before the actual rewriting begins so that they make recommendations. The same process is repeated when the resume is complete. Teacher-Writing-Resume reviews divulge that resumes are formatted in MS Word format and sent as attachments that can be  saved on a computer  and edited when the clients needs to do that.

No reviews point to existence of Teacher-Writing-Resume scam or Teacher-Writing-Resume fraud. However Teacher-Writing-Resume website is hard to navigate as it has a lot of information in minimal space.

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