A Review of TheLadders.com servicesLanding your dream job is not a simple process. There are certain steps needed to be taken in order to succeed. Having your professional resume and CV written is the first step which is of great importance,nobody would doubt that, but not the only one though. The next thing you need to do is to make employers notice you – to market yourself, in other words and do it efficiently. At this point you have to choose the best resume distribution service (or a couple of them) to assist you.The Ladders seems to be quite a satisfactory resume distribution service to choose. But Best Resume Services decided to look at it more closely.

First things first, so we will speak about theladders.com website at the beginning. Judging from the first glance, you may say that their website is pleasant to look at: the design is good; the colors are attractive. But can you say the same about its usability? Not exactly… It is a bit over-visualized and is lacking needed information. But still, it is quite understandable and easy to navigate. Another thing which is good about The Ladders site is that they have a list of latest job positions available on job market for you to browse through. In addition, they have a section with the articles which provide lots of useful information concerning all the aspects of your job search. That is a plus too.

As far as The Ladder’s services are concerned, it should be mentioned that theladders.com provide you with a spectrum of wide job search opportunities for Professional, Executive, Manager and Director positions. They claim to have more than 50,000 high-level salaried positions, located in various regions of the USA and UK in their database for you to choose from. Best Resume Services think that this is quite impressive and adds a plus to their review. www.theladders.com have both free and paid features. You can upload your resume, create email alerts and even get a comprehensive advice absolutely for free! In case you want your resume to be applied to over 50.000 jobs, connect with recruiters directly or receive a resume critique by professional resume writers, you should pay $15 a month – which is a rather reasonable price, we must addmit. In addition, you may purchase their Signature Program for $2495 and work with your own Career Advisor on a program which guarantees you a job offer. In case you don’t receive it, you get your money back in full. This is rather expensive, but if 90% of the customers get the offer as The Ladders claim, the game is worth the candle.

The support team of theladers.com can be contacted via phone or email between 9 AM and 9 PM EST. The good thing is that they do support their customers via phone, as many resume distribution services do not have such an option, but 24h support availability would rank them higher in the list of the best resume distribution services.

Overall, best resume writing services consider The Ladders distribution service worth turning to.

Overall Rating
TheLadders.com ReviewLisa3.66666666666666652012-03-18 12:53:50Landing your dream job is not a simple process. There are certain steps needed to be taken in order to succeed. Having your professional resume and CV…