Best Resume Writing Services Offer Free FeaturesWhile choosing your custom resume writing service, besides writers’ certification, guarantees and prices, there is one more factor you should pay attention to and it concerns free features you’ll get with your order not regarding PDF and ASCII resume formats. These helpful tips, lists of recruiting agencies and other information will be particularly interesting for job-seekers, who are going to find a place in new industry, oriented on applying for several positions at a number of companies, and recent graduates. Content of free attachments package differs from one resume writing service to another, as well as sum you’re saving on it, on the other hand, personal value of these free features varies for every job-seeker and is very subjective. But if you’re only making your first steps in your career following brief descriptions will be very helpful for you:

  • Resume Writing Service (

With free interview tips you will know how to comport yourself during the interview, with a list of international recruiting agencies you’ll know where to submit your resume for effective employment, with a list of 10 top job sites you’ll know where to post your resume to be visible for head-hunters and with tips on career planning you’ll be able to create a plan of your own career ladder.

  • Professional Resumes(

With your order you get access to 7 e-books for download: Resume Tips Book, Interview Tips Book, Job Hunt Tips Book, Guide to Job Hunting on the Internet, Guide to Internet Networking, Guide to Researching Companies on the Internet and Career Planning.

  • Career Perfect(

The main free feature is InterviewSmart software. With every order you get a trial version of Career Perfect leading interview-coaching program, which will explain interview process in details, so you’ll be ready to answer even intricate interviewer’s question.

  • Resumes Guaranteed(

With every order you get free e-pamphlets: articles, advices and additional tips on employment steps, interview process, career planning, job search and resume posting.

  • Resumes Planet(

Resumes Planet adds for free to your resume: lots of interview tips, lists of international recruiting agencies and of 10 top job sites. Everything to get you prepared for new career opportunities!